Streams that dry up

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Note : All characters , incidents depicted in the story are purely fictitious and any resemblance , even a vague one , is simply the result of reader needlessly exercising his/her mind to nowhere.

“Ok then.Bye.njoy” saying this he hung up the phone and move towards the stairs.  “Stupid people , needs lift even to go to 2nd floor” , he muttered and went up his way to the first floor to the kitchen.He was taking water from the purifier when a girl appeared alongside.He knew the girl.She has recently joined the company.Though their eyes have met each other several times ,yet never a conversation have been struck between them.Ofcourse they were in different teams so their never have been a chance where their paths might have crossed to strike a talk.Besides our boy is too shy to take an initiative.It does not imply that the boy is interested in the girl or something.As a matter of fact he put everyone on equal footing and wont talk to any person until of course their is some need to do so.But this time something came to his mind and he did strike a conversation.It so happened that beside the purifier their was a rack.The rack was equipped with a bottle containing milk powder , a container of coffee powder and a container of sugar cubes for people to help themselves  make a cup of coffee.The girl was opening the bottle containing milk powder when our boy blurted out :

Boy : “What are the best proportions to make a good cup of coffee?”

Girl : “Sorry ? “

Boy : “What portions of these things make a good cup of coffee?”

Girl : “Oh! 1 spoonful of milk powder , half a spoonful of coffee and add water.”

Boy : “Oh just one spoonful of milk powder will do. And how many cubes of sugar ?”

Girl : “Two. Do you want me to make one for you?”

Boy : “Oh no , no thanks .. I will try myself and u supervise ?”

Girl , with a smile :”Sure !”

Boy while stirring the contents “Actually I am used to drinking the coffee-machine coffee.Just thought of trying this one too”

Girl : “Oh that one has too much milk in it . I kindda like strong”

Boy with a smile: “Oh yes the bitter the coffee , the better it is “

Girl :”Na not exactly, they have to be in right proportion” , With the first sip of coffee , something strike boy’s head and his eyes shone.Whether it was the sense of achievement in preparing first cup of coffee or whether the right proportion of coffee , milk and sugar does produce such kind of effects is a contentious issue .Contentious because what he did afterwards was a very unusual thing even for his dream.And this is what followed :

Boy : “Why dont we just sit and talk ? I have a very interesting idea ,I want to have your opinion on .I mean it is on my mind for several days and I just got the feeling I should take your stand on it.” Seeing the girl’s face little surprised “Of course if you have time?” he added.

Girl with a quizzical expression ” Ya ,I mean what’s the idea ?Tell me “

Boy :”No , no not like this.We will sit and talk.”Seeing the tinge of frown appearing on the girls face he quickly tried to explain. Boy : “ok here is the deal.We will sit and sip up our coffe and during this time I will tell you my idea .By the time we finish our coffee I would have told you my idea and if you like it we can continue otherwise you are free to go.I wont stop you.Fair enough ? “The girl was still looking surprised so he added further. ” See its me who should be worried . I mean I have my reputation at stake .If you dont like the idea and found me crazy , I have the consequences to bear .Besides you not talking to me ,the word might spread about my craziness .Right?”

Girl : “Oh no I dont spread rumors.Do I look like one?”,  “Anyway lets sit and listen to your idea ” she added with a smile They moved ,took up two nearby chairs and sat.

Boy : “Do you .. do u read novels,story books ?”

Girl : ” Well not much .. I have read Chetan Bhagat ,Paulo Coelho .. not much”

Boy “You like movies ? What kind of movies do u like ? I mean like “the matrix” ,”batman” ,”the social network” or the hindi ones ? Which are exactly your favourite ones ? Name any “

Girl “Of course I like movies .I liked social network ,not much of batman or matrix but i liked serendipity .. “Boy interrupting. “Do you like the ones like lagaan ,chak de , ddlj or i mean the usual SRK movies .. u know larger than life character movies ?”

Girl : “Ya , i like them .But wait wait .. I thought u was going to tell me some idea and not supposed to ask me questions .. isn’t it?”

Boy : “Sure mam and that I will do .. and I am coming at it. Ok?””I am a little nervous, u know i never did such a thing” , he took a deep breadth and then started “I have this idea that why these movies ,books are not made or written about real events of real people’s life.Why it is always that the things which delve into extremes are always most sought after and talked about and why not the ordinary things? The day to day things of normal , ordinary ppl are also interesting ,don’t they? And I already see u controlling your laughter … “

“No , no ,no it’s not like that.. i am not laughing at your idea or at you .. it’s just that I find it strange talking with somebody for the first time and … “

“And discussing some weird idea ” he interrupted with a laugh

“No not weird but ya usually people dont discuss such things at their first conversation , if u understand what i mean”

“Not many but ya there actually might be some cases where people do strike such type of conversations.And my point is that these normal events ..normal day to day life events of people chatting about something a coffee shop , at dinner table.. they also do make interesting stories.And it’s not always has to be some coffee shop or even between a  boy or a girl .It could be the conversation between people like .. like in a train .. u know when people sitting in a compartment strike off some conversation .. k they are not interesting most of the times .. maybe annoying sometimes ….or it could be a conversation between a group of friends .. u know ..discussing stupid things , important things in stupid way or maybe sometimes seriously.I remember during my college exams we try to study in groups and instead of studying we would end up discussing , debating about some altogether different topic not remotely related to the exam next day.And could u believe these topics last for hours at a stretch.”

“Ya college days were fun .I miss them a lot”

“Ofcourse.. i think everybody does miss them ..But we are moving away from the point .I say these ordinary things of ordinay people’s life they too make up interesting stories.Well I call them “Poetry of day to day life”.”

” “Poetry of day to day life” hahahhah .. its gud … hahah did .. how did  u come up with this phrase?.. haha … but its gud really nice”

“Well to be honest I didn’t come up with it and neither with the idea even ,actually .I mean I kind of wanted to develop it further.But the real thing came to me from one movie “Before Sunrise” .The actor in it actually discuss almost the same thing and he did coined that phrase.Have you watched that movie?”

“No not heard of.But I think people do sometimes make such things.Take example of “Friends” or the reality shows.People there do actually reflect the normal , ordinary people. Don’t they?””No ,they dont.The fact that they dress up well , they have nice hair styles ,girls are beautiful,men are models ,they have gr8 voice and they talk about cool things ,make hilarious jokes and setup trends in real lifes make them far from real.What i am talking about here is how mostly common people are ..imperfect ones ..they might not wear the latest fashion,they might not have nice voice , average looking ppl talking about things like common people do .And these people’s life also make good stories.And actually more diverse then the ones shown on TV or films.Pick a random person from the street , ask him to tell about his life and i bet it would make an interesting story.It doesn’t matter if he is a average successful doctor ,a call center guy or a bank clerk or even a bus driver.”

“But my question is :why would people want to hear the story of an average guy which they themselves are?People are always interested in stories which thrills them.A person rising above obstacles and reaching the zenith of success.People are always interested in such stories not the stories which more or less corresponds to their lifes”

“Oh yes you are getting at the core and I will put proper words what exactly you are saying.People are interested in things which they aspire for.Right?”


“But don’t u think that’s a one sided way of looking at things?To only know about successful stories or the failure stories and leave the middle ones.Why ?don’t the other stories are interesting? I will give you an example.Suppose facebook was not famous , not at all famous, it’s like a normal , average site.But didn’t then the life of Mark zuckerberg made an interesting  story?”

“No i mean… ya it would have .. i guess i dont know wat to say”

“Let me explain you with another example.Have you seen “Lord of the rings” or “the great debaters” or hell any movie in which the protagaonist finally reaches the success point?”

“Ya a lot of those “

“So just remove the last 10min , 15 min or the part where actually the guys got what he wants.Now didn’t that movie or book still have made a good narration or story? And I see that your coffee is finished.So according to the deal its upto you to stay or move to work.I am comfortable with both.”

“mmm I guess I can stay a little longer.And to answer your question ,well … , ends actually complete the story.Without end the story will become meaningless.You build and build and build a story and then suddenly say ok guys that’s all ,now go back to work ,without giving them a reasonable ending.You can’t do that .You have to take the boat to the shore.You can’t leave them in the middle of the sea.Besides some stories have twists which make them all the more remarkable for that.Consider for example “Alchemist” ,if you have read it?”

“Ya I have read it.But I think we shouldn’t consider that case.Because it’s a fable and the author has some moral to give..”

“Exactly that’s what i mean when i say that ends actually complete the story.Because author wants to make a point ,he wants to give a message.”

“OK i agree with your point.But I am not saying to remake those stories with endings cut….”

“No just now you said “Cut the end  part and they still make  stories.You can’t take your words back now”,she added laughingly”

“No I am not taking my words back .. “

“But then you can’t agree with my point and still negate it.I think you are CONFUSED.”,she added with emphasis on “Confused”.

“Will the accused get a chance to defend against the charges , your highness?””No, the accused is found guilty of being confused .Plea DISS MISSED.”

“And what punishment should the accused serve?”

“Make another cup of coffee.” she added giggling.

“And so would the accused do” smilingly he said and rose from his chair to prepare coffee.

“No , no please , … I was just kidding.Just sit ,please.Have your say. Though I would say that you accepted the judgement and the punishment very obediently”

“Well making a coffee is not too harsh and more so when I know the right proportions”,he said taking his seat.

“hehe ..anyway you continue what you want to say”

“Maybe I was really not clear.I will try to explain more precisely.I am not saying that there is any wrong in the present stories or they have to be rebuild again.But there is a possibility of writting a lot of stories without the twisted ends or the magnificent ends.The fun of these stories is not in the theme or in the end but simply in the flow, in the presentation of characters , their conversations , settings , atmosphere etc.Whenever I read a book or watch a movie,I tend to enjoy the process ,the narration style or little things like …. like how the scene is build , how the conversations goes.And it does not matter to me where the author is taking it too .I dont mind being left away in the middle of the sea as long as the journey remains awesome. And what if the writer actually intends to leave you in the middle and let everyone determine their own shore.Maybe he doesn’t intend to lead u nowhere ,just a roller coaster ride.And besides do stories always has to lead somewhere ?Does a stream always has to merge into river and river into sea?There might be streams which just dry up before merging into river but then does that bereft the stream of its beauty or the freshness? Did i kind of  made myself clear?”

“Ya kind of .I understand that an artist doesn’t say one thing,he says multiple things and that’s why it’s an art.But I still didn’t get the idea of “ordinary things of ordinary people” which you tend to stress more in the beginning.”

“Because in real life with real people stories dont lead anywhere.They just dry up and ….. your phone is ringing.”


“Your phone is ringing”

“Oh yes .. sorry I have to leave ….  anyways it was a nice idea .. I will give more thought to it.Bye”